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Our Products- Pork Rinds and other snacks

Pork Rinds, Cracklins, and Other Snacks

Pepe's rich heritage and authentic promise continues today with a line of chicharrones and other authentic Mexican inspired snacks. Enjoy!

Flavored Pork Sticks

Flavors: Chorizo, Red Pepper

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Pepes pork stick

Straight from our heritage, Pepe's Chicharrones are as authentic as if they'd come right out your family's secret recipe. Our chicharrones are full of tradition and flavor, so reach for these the next time you're missing Tierra Azteca.

Flavors: Traditional Chicharrones, Spicy Chicharrones, Gigante Chicharrones

Pepes Chicharrones

That authentic pig skin crunch makes Pepe's Original Cracklins the ultimate in Hispanic snacks. Choose from original, chile limon, pIain or red pepper flavored cracklins. If Pepe's Abuela approves, you will too.

Flavors: Original Cracklins, Hot Cracklins, Original Curls, Red Pepper Curls, Chile Limon Curls, Original Dippers, Chile Limon Dippers, Red Pepper Dippers, Red Pepper Cracklin Strips

Pepes Cracklins

Pepe's wheat chile limon chicharinas are pure perfection. For a change of pace, grab a handful of one of these tributes to Mexican culture. Don't wait until Cinco de Mayo to have your own Mexican party!

Flavors: Chile Limon

Pepes Chicarinas

Giant Cracklins
Same flavor as our Original Cracklins but these are MASIVO! Pepe's Gigante Cracklins flavors are available in chile limon or with a hot sauce packet to make it a spicy chicharrones snack. Nothing's better or more authentic than pouring your own hot sauce on fresh cracklins.

Flavors: Gigante Cracklins with Louisiana Hot Sauce, Gigante Cracklins with Hot Sauce Packet, Chile Limon Flavored Gigante Cracklins

Pepes Giant Cracklins
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