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Mi amor mi chicharrones!

Yo amo a mi chicharrones! ¿Quién lo introdujo a su amor de chicharrones? los amantes de chicharrones que viven en la región suroeste de los Estados Unidos fueron animados a compartir historias acerca de la persona (s) en su vida que fue el primero que introdujo en su amor a los chicharrones.

Felicitaciones a nuestros ganadores: Un panel de jueces de Pepe seleccionado los siete historias basada en la autenticidad, Patrimonio y Recurso de la Familia.

  • Gran Premio–Ismael P. de San Diego, CA ganó un premio de 3.500 $ en efectivo.
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I love my pork rinds!

Chicharrones lovers living in the southwest region of the United States were encouraged to share stories about the person(s) in their lives who first introduced them to their love for chicharrones.

Congratulations to our winners: A panel of Pepe’s judges selected the top seven stories based on Authenticity, Heritage and Family Appeal.



Submitted Stories:


I was born in California, but my parents are from Mexico. My family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, were migrant field workers living in tents and traveling from crop to crop, up and down California. All in the family, young and old, had a share in the picking. Every little bit helped. My Grandmother, a full blooded Tarajumara Mexican Indian, stood about 4 feet 10 inches tall, and was afraid of nothing. We affectionately called her Abuelita. She was in charge of taking care of the babies and cooking. She would meet us at the crops with her supplies. Her stove consisted of three bricks she would lay out in a U shape, and wood to burn in the middle. She would cook over this crude stove and not only make delicious meals, but also cook handmade corn tortillas.

She introduced me to home fried chicharrones. That was a real treat! Since we didn˙t have a TV (no one did), I have to say, I didn˙t know I was poor until I started attending public school! What we lacked in money, we made up for in the love we had in our family. To this day whenever I eat Pepe˙s Chicharrones, I can˙t help but think of my loving Abuelita and her chicharrones, sitting around the campfire visiting and laughing. Those were difficult times, but I will never forget the memories and the love we still have in our family.

—Ismael P. of San Diego, CA


Even before I opened my eyes in morning, my nose was already awake. At my house there seemed to be cooking going on from the morning until well past when most people were in bed. We always had delicious food available,sometimes there was not alot of it and sometimes it was humble but it was always Muy Sabroso.

I remember the first time that I was really aware of Chicharrones. I used to hide under the table as my Dad and his friends played Dominos. I liked it because it was always so lively, whether men were laughing, or yelling about one thing or another,it was so passionate, and food and drink was always involved.I liked it too cause I could be close to my Dad. Sometimes a few pesos would fall off the table and I would scramble to get them. Usually I would just sit there and listen and wait until my Pops called for me to fetch him something. I remember one night in particular when the sounds of loud crunching and munching was mixed into the usual sounds of the game. I thought that they might be eating Tostadas and they were one of my favorites. I was confused because we had Pozole for Dinner. I peeked up at the men and then at my Dad. I saw a big bowl of something that I had never remembered seeing before. My Dad saw me and stopped, I immediatly thought that he must be upset with me for bothering him and his friends. Instead he said "Lalo, come here Mijo it is about time that I show my Hijo how to play Dominos!" Then he pulled me up on his lap! At the same time he handed me a chicharrone. The table looked so different and magical when I was actually above eye level. I saw black and white Dominos and bowls of snacks of all kinds. I saw bowls of avocados,cebollas and salsa and limes,I saw cremas and mayonaisa and hot steamy tortillas. My father and his friends were eating the pork rinds plain but mostly making them into taquitos with the tortillas and avocados and the condiments in between sips of Cervesa, conversation and Dominos. It was a Wonderland!

I felt closer to my Papi that night than I ever had before, I was part of the gang, part of the men,the secret society. I could still see my Ma and my brothers and sisters cooking and talking in the backround but I was at THE table!

I still think of that time when I eat Chicharrones, and we ate them many times after that.

—Edurado G. of San Diego, CA


When I was somewhere around five years old, I was what some might call a "potato chip gal' I liked the different flavors, textures and crispy and crunchy sounds that came from my mouth as I devoured them bag after bag. My life changed in an amazing way when I went to visit my grandparents˙ farm in Louisiana. I was excited to see all of these different animals grazing about. There were pigs, chickens and cows. I still remember walking around wide-eyed asking my Paw Paw if I could take some of them back home to Chicago with me. He laughed and told me to ask my parents. Well, one day after playing as hard as a five year old can on a farm, I came inside and smelled something that almost knocked me down and led me directly into the kitchen. I ran to the stove and begged my grandmother to please let me have whatever it was that had the house smelling so good.

The taste was absolutely delicious and unique, unlike anything I had ever tasted in my entire five years. I remember asking my grandmother what those yummy things were called. She told me that they were "Crispy Crunchies'. I sat there and ate as many "Crispy Crunchies' as my little stomach could hold. Every summer that I would visit, my grandmother always made sure to keep plenty of "Crispy Crunchies' around. She even surprised me a few times by sending me some through the mail. Well, as I got older, I realized that my summer treats were really pork rinds. My grandparents passed away a few years back. Since then I have tried many different brands of pork rinds, but the tastes were bland and more often than not, stale. Well, that was until I tried PePe˙s.

The first time (two years ago) I tried PePe˙s pork rinds I was flooded with emotions. I will never forget how strange my husband looked at me as I sat there with tears running down my face with a mouth full of pork rinds. My mind took me back to all of those summers that I spent on the farm with my grandparents eaing those delicious "Crispy Crunchies.' As I closed my eyes, I could almost hear the cows and the pigs making their funny sounds. So every time I want to relive those wonderful childhood moments, I grab a bag of PePe˙s pork rinds and I am on my way.

—Lekosha I. of Katy, TX

He often go's down to Mexico to visit relatives and when he returns he brings back tequila that his family makes themselves. I am lucky enough to get to share some with him, I will say that it beats anything I have tasted from a bottle in the states. Anyway we were relaxing with some of his fine beverage and he opened a bag of pork rinds and said "these go well with our drinks." So minitutes later at the bottom of the first bag I was enthuseastically in agreement and we went through his cabinets looking for that second bag that he knew was there. Well it wasn't, it had been discovered by his son and devoured to the last crumb! You can't really blame him, so we were both left with a vicious craving that because of our fine drinks we could not drive out to fufill. Now he always keeps a spare supply hidden for our hang out time together.

—Rod S. of Santa Cruz, CA

As a young man after World War II, my grandfather took a job with a popular cookie & cracker company -- and retired with them 41 years later. Throughout my father's life, and well into mine, the only products allowed in the house were those from my Grandfather's employer -- graham crackers, corn chips and soda crackers, and so forth. My grandfather took great pride in his job, and indeed his company.He's in his 80s now, and a few years ago I paid him a visit. As I arrived, he was sitting on the couch, watching football -- and eating from a bag of Pepe's Chicharrones! What Blasphemy! I thought -- these weren't from his old employer! But then he told me very clearly -- he still loves his old company, and wouldn't trade his career for the world -- but these Pepe's pork rind products were the best snacks he ever had.It was then I had my first Pepe's pork rind, and I'm honored to state I'm the third generation of my family who believes these are the most flavorful, and one of the healthier snacks around. Thanks to Pepe's Chicharrones, we're a huge fan of Rudolph Foods!

—Kevin B. of Cathedral City, CA

I remember my parents taking me to a small town named Naco in Sonora Mexico to spend Summer vacations with my grandparents & family. Those were some of the greatest times of my childhood. My Nana would make dozens of tortillas everyday! She would make the most amazing food including Chicharrones. I remember thinking they were better than the chicken nuggets I was used to! They were so good in tacos and red chilli. In the evenings we would go to the plaza and at the end of Summer there would be a Town Carnaval with food & fun everywhere! Chicharrones, Taquitos, Hot Dogs, Paletas, Churros, & so much more. Now that I'm an adult and my grandma is no longer with us it's such a nostalgic feeling to be able to open a bag of Pepe's Chicharrones and be taken right back to my Nana Chonita's kitchen and feel like I'm 8yrs old again. Food brings our families together. It's part of our culture and traditions. My kids are now addicted to them. They love the Chile Limon Flavor! We eat them all the time. I know it's definately a delicious food that will be part of our family for many more generations to come.

—Margarita M. of Phoenix, AZ

Being Caucasian/American Indian, growing up in hispanic neighborhoods was quite an experience, all the way around. But what struck me imperticular was all aspects of hispanic cuisine. Mainly chicharrones!....My Brother married into a latino family which was my first main experience with chicharrones. Two to three of our families would pitch in and go buy a live sow from the local farm. We would then take it home, pay a gentleman name "Don Chavo" to butcher it in our back yard ( not for the faint of heart). He would go through the process of butchering it and we always knew that chicharrones were always the first to hit the giant vat of oil nearest the pig. As soon as they would go in, the burst of a heavenly scent would hit the air. Shortly there after, the freshest chicharrones ever, were permeating my tastebuds. Let me tell you I was never the same when it came to fresh flavors and fresh foods.....Possibly might have even subconciously been the reason I recently graduatedLe Cordon Bleu and became a Chef.....Thank you for your inquiry it has brought back many great memories! (P.S. I have tried Rudolph foods chicharrones and believe that they are the truest and most authentic I have tasted since the days of the backyard feasts.)

—Joshua W. of Orcutt, CA